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released May 22, 2011



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CIVIL WAR Sydney, Australia


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Track Name: Cold Reality
Brick by brick they build a cold reality
Silent grounds on which we stand
Losing control of this world
Slipping from our grasps
Dollar signs, mankind’s lust for greed
Money hungry governments
Motivation for war.
Track Name: In Fear
When was religion a justification
For the suffering enforced onto other nations
The chaos, destruction, fuelled by a name
We’re all caught up in the same fucking game

Look deeper
Open up your fucking eyes
Look deeper
You’ll never know what you’ll find

What we want we must create
A world free from violence a world free from hate
Breaking down barriers
Defend the oppressed

Lives lived in fear
This world is a mess
Track Name: Left Unsaid
Violent thoughts cloud my mind
This conscious state, no longer can it be mine
This hatred building up in me
These feelings inside are going to eat me alive

Your fucking games I don’t want to play
Words I have, better left unsaid

Feels like I’m standing on my own
This is what its like to live in my world
There’s a place I promised myself years ago
That id never go

Promised myself
Id never let go
Promised myself
I guess you bring the best out in me

Welcome to my realm
A place that lies deep in my insanity
This evil sitting in my mind
Waiting building growing
Track Name: Treading Water
Drilled and drilled inside my head
About exactly how shit I am
How ill never be nothing
How ill never have nothing
Treading water just to make it by
Poison filled words spit from the mouth of the snake
With the look of death in its eyes

This is the calm before the storm
I am the fucking storm

Sorry I cant be who you want me to be
I am just me, I am just me
My soul is dying to be set free
And you wont be happy till you see me fucking bleed
Track Name: Wolves
We’re in a society where the white collars
Think they can do as they please
And we don’t ask why
As we sit back and watch as the innocent die
The sounds of bombs drop
From a blood red sky
Wake up
The sound of bombs drop
From a blood red sky
Its time to die

Climb the ladder to total despair
No apathy for the family man
You’re just a business man
A white collared demon from the city of hell

Send the wolves out to do their dirty work
Where can we run to
Where can we run

Sounds of bombs drop
From a blood red sky
Wake up, its time to die